Principal’s Desk

              Education is not just lighting of the lamp. It is the kindling of a fire. A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lighted. Therefore education is the most important discovery of humankind. It is life ascending with untapped energies to a life that is perfect and fruit bearing. It exists where there is an unused store of energy. It is something flexible and robust, something fresh and thriving.

              Education also is the process of acquisition of knowledge, skills, beliefs, values and habits which teaches us to be a true human being.

             A balance of education at home and school moulds a pupil’s actual learning. Be a helping hand in their educational journey and journey with them with true inspiration. Paternal encouragement had played a crucial role in successful students. A child’s learning scale is highly related to how he/she is treated at home.

The purpose of education in general and primary education in particular is to give pupils adequate confidence in themselves, to inculcated in them a set of values that would make them responsible and balanced people.

           So let us join hands together to form our children into good and responsible citizens of our country.